For advance bookings, we appreciate online reservations.

Please call us for last minute or on-the-day reservations or to be on our waitlist. .

We serve a set menu, so please expect to spend up to 3 hours with us. We require advance notice of dietaries and allergies as we may not be able to accommodate them.

Our booking policy will be emailed to you with your reservation details, and we ask that you confirm your booking with us via the email reminder or phone. A valid credit card is required to book with us, so please read our reservation policy below or here. Due to the nature of our small restaurant, we only accept cancellations up to 24hrs in advance. Cancellations must be in writing or via the click-through link in your email from us.



We cannot take group bookings
Our maximum table size is for four guests.  We are a small restaurant and we are unable to accommodate group tables. 

Please arrive on time
We stagger booking times in order to ensure we are hosting every guest to the best of our ability. When guests arrive late or early, the speed of the kitchen and our service is impacted, which ultimately affects every diner in the restaurant. Please plan your journey to us with this in mind.

Credit cards are required to book a table
We plan in detail for your visit and purchase ingredients on a daily basis for our diners. We ask that guests cancel or amend their booking at least 36 hours in advance so that we can try to fill your seats. If you cancel within 24 hours of your reserved time and we are unable to fill your seats, an $100 per person fee will be debited to your card. The full menu price will be charged for no-shows. This also applies if you reduce the number of diners in your booking and do not notify us 24hrs in advance. This no-show charge will be added to your bill.

Upon booking your credit card details are handled by a third-party secure site. Pasture will not have your card details on file. This is not prepayment for your meal, and no charge will be made unless you fail to cancel within 24 hours of your reserved time or you don’t arrive. If you do not have a credit card, or wish to discuss our policy, please call us.

Cancellations are to be in writing.
Please use the click-through link in your email from us to cancel or email us. We accept cancellation in writing, 24 hours before your booking time. We ask you to confirm your booking when you receive your email reminder. We will endeavour to contact you with the details provided to follow up.

Dietary requests must be notified in advance or discussed prior to booking - we do not make dairy free or vegan menus.
We can accommodate vegetarian and pescetarian diners. We can also amend menus to be nut free, gluten free and shellfish free. We cannot accommodate dairy free or vegan requests, which require entirely new menus to be prepared. Please discuss all dietaries with us in advance so we can safely prepare your meal.

Selecting a restaurant area
Please note that our chefs pass is very popular and must be selected when booking. It is only available for single diners or pairs, even if you are famous.

Dining with children
We serve one menu in a small open plan room. Children under 12 may not enjoy the Pasture experience. Please discuss any bookings with children with us in advance to ensure we are a suitable restaurant. This includes bringing infants.

Thanks for reading, and your understanding as to why we have these policies!