We choose living wines which are fun, dynamic and full of personality. We keep our list small and change it regularly, allowing us to showcase New Zealand (and some Australian wines), always offering something fresh and local. We are the only restaurant in New Zealand that opened with a list focussed on local producers using organic, biodynamic, and/or natural practices. We have only a few listings that are not from New Zealand or Australia - these are Grower Champagnes.

We appreciate that not everyone drinks alcohol, and we see an opportunity to offer something completely unique through our Pasture match. Everything is made by us, and designed to explore flavour and complexity in exactly the same way as a traditional wine pairing. By fermenting, infusing and extracting, we aim to create a non-alcoholic beverage match as interesting as the alcoholic one. Whilst we do our best to create alcohol free beverages, trace amounts of alcohol may be present through the nature of fermentations.