Labels don't stick well to Pasture: we're not ultra fine-dining, we're not a bistro and we're not in-between. We've created our ideal way to experience innovative food and drinks in a warm atmosphere. Because we're a small team and independently owned, we set our own path and are guided by a manifesto which you can read here.

We serve a set menu. This is best way to deliver a complete and curated dining experience that is authentically Pasture,  with minimal food waste. The chefs serve dishes that change regularly because our food is inspired by nature and the season.

We plate our food simply and chef/owner Ed Verner designs the dishes with restraint in terms of components. We believe in exploring few ingredients creatively, and do not use garnishes that add nothing to a dish.

Below is a gallery of images, with credits in the full image.

Thanks to Cuisine Magazine for the permission to use images by photographers Aaron Mclean ( September 2016) and Jason Creaghan (March 2017). Thanks to POD Gardening for permission to use images by Lottie Hedley and to Greta Kenyon for use of her images published in Together Journal, Issue 6.

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