We serve a set menu with our bread and snacks to begin. If you enjoy wines, our list is focused on local producers that favour minimal intervention techniques. We have two matching options, if you like to explore pairings. Our drinks match can include beer/cider, wines and spirits as we like to explore diversity in alcoholic styles. Our Pasture match includes handmade juices, infusions, natural ferments and extractions. We also have a wine list if you'd rather choose by the glass or bottle.

Our menu prices change according to the ingredients we source. We believe this is the most transparent and honest way to offer a set menu.

We can accommodate vegetarian or pescatarian requests and make our menus gluten free, shellfish free and nut free. We cannot accommodate dairy free or vegan requests, but we can minimise dairy where possible. Please stipulate your dietaries when booking so we can prepare a special menu for you.

We cook over fire and we plan in great detail for your visit. Please be aware our menus take around 3 hours to complete.

Menu 004 - Thursday 10 August

Jerusalem Artichoke |  Aged mackerel and its garum
Wheat & rye sourdough, our aged butter

Surf clams, orange, chrysanthemum

Snapper glazed in its bones and liver

Potato, horseradish, black truffle

Heritage Black Pork, served in two parts

~ Woodfired pig crumpet
~ 14 days aged loin, preserved cucumber & yuzu

Smoked quince, raw quince

Our jersey cow yoghurt, blackcurrant leaf & macadamia

Menu 140pp | Drinks Match + 70 | Pasture Match + 65



We accommodate vegetarian, pescatarian and some other requests (such as gluten free/ no pork) when notified at least 24 hours in advance.

We cannnot accommodate dairy free or vegan requests.